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  • Crk4085 CNC horizontal lathe
    Crk4085 CNC horizontal lathe
    The two axes adopt linear rolling guide, no gap transmission, good rigidity and high precision. The spindle is high speed and high rigidity structure, continuou...
  • Ck5116e CNC vertical lathe
    Ck5116e CNC vertical lathe
    Siemens system is adopted, which is mainly used for precision cutting of various types of slewing bearing.
  • Constant temperature and humidity test chamber
    Constant temperature and humidity test chamber
    It is used to determine the adaptability of rotary drive products to high temperature, low temperature, damp heat or alternate changes of high and low temperatu...
  • Weathering test chamber
    Weathering test chamber
    Through the accelerated aging test, the stability and weather resistance of the material under the influence of external light, heat, radiation, mechanical forc...
  • Salt spray test chamber
    Salt spray test chamber
    The corrosion resistance of the product is tested to ensure that the product meets the environmental requirements by simulating the salt fog air in the ocean an...