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  • Gear hobbing machine
    Gear hobbing machine
    It is suitable for hobbing cylindrical gear and worm gear in batch, small batch and single piece. The maximum machining diameter is 3 m, and the machining accur...
  • Kappa grinder
    Kappa grinder
    The high-precision grinder produced by Kapp, the world's top grinder company, can process 6-600 teeth with diameter ranging from 10 mm to 500 mm, and the maximu...
  • Gleason grinder
    Gleason grinder
    High precision 12 axis grinder, the maximum processing is 400mm, the maximum gear processing modulus is 8 modulus.
  • Rfcz16 CNC horizontal lathe
    Rfcz16 CNC horizontal lathe
    The two shafts adopt linear rolling guide, no gap transmission, good rigidity and high precision; the main shaft is of high-speed and high rigidity structure, w...
  • Hkhp80 integral quenching machine
    Hkhp80 integral quenching machine
    Hkhp80 integral quenching machine.