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We are different: Jingwei new energy 2020 Shanghai SNEC Photovoltaic Exhibition

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  "Many people think that it may be a cold and uninspired exhibition due to the global epidemic, but they did not expect to see a" black horse "coming out of it, which made an unexpected brilliant scene. Yesterday, Zhang Chen, vice president of Jingwei new energy technology, who just returned from the exhibition, said the above feelings to the author with confidence in his tone. Further understanding, he said that "black horse" is exactly the brilliant Jingwei new energy company in 2020 Shanghai SNEC Photovoltaic Exhibition.

  "Almost all the bosses of the same industry have come to our booth... The technical teams of well-known enterprises in the industry have also come... Many buyers of rotary reducer at home and abroad have also come to our booth... They all praised us after visiting and exchanging views.". Zhang Chen continued to excitedly tell the author about his personal experience at the exhibition. "So, as a new company, it is the first time to participate in the Photovoltaic Exhibition in the capacity of Jingwei new energy that we are not familiar with. How can we astonish peers and conquer customers in such a strong exhibition? Zhang Chen replied that in order to launch Jingwei new energy brand in this exhibition, we give full play to the advantages of top talents in the industry, and try our best to integrate the brand-new design concept into the product shape, product structure, product performance and product application, and have developed a number of rotary reducers with unique style, advanced technology, superior performance and more in line with the market demand Type and advanced technology are not available in the market at present, so once it comes out, it gets people's attention and favor.

  It is understood that Jingwei new energy Co., Ltd. has indeed seen new images and frequent highlights at this exhibition. It not only vividly and objectively shows the huge scale and huge production capacity that is firmly in the forefront of the industry, but also strongly introduces a number of independent innovation products such as JV series, JL series and JW series, which are innovative and unprecedented. At the same time, in order to better solve the problem of photovoltaic support dumping which plagues many places in the world, a dynamic simulation demonstration link linking the new rotary reducer and the photovoltaic support is specially set up, which directly shows the longitude and latitude solutions that are likely to replace the mainstream technology in the industry.

  Finally, Zhang Chen said that the innovative performance of jingweixing energy made many merchants come to the exhibition for discussion, with great interest; a well-known enterprise in the same industry even had its technical team personally led by the general manager to observe and learn; some merchants also hope to cooperate with each other for the first time when new products are launched in the future. In addition, the TV program group actively invited Jingwei new energy to participate "Extraordinary craftsman" large-scale television documentary program recording.

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