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Help build industry benchmark——Jingwei Company driving workshop job training hot

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The deputy general manager of production personally took the lead in organizing, vice general manager of technology, workshop director, quality minister and specially invited experts came to the stage to teach one after another. Over the past few days, the on-the-job training of driving workshop with strong teaching staff, rich teaching content and full coverage of technical and quality personnel has been carried out in full swing in the newly built Jingwei new energy transmission equipment Co., Ltd.

  As early as the preparation period of the factory, Jingwei new energy company, as a professional production of rotary drive device, formally wrote this dream into the new enterprise development plan, and put it into practice at the beginning of the new plant construction in late June. First, we started from the opening training, combined with the actual production to teach, and the teaching content covered skills Operation, process application, quality control, product development and safety production are all aimed at creating a "elite teacher" with strict discipline, excellent quality and excellent skills.

  The scene pictures show that during the training process, the teachers teach carefully, the students listen carefully, all look attentive, and the classroom is full of a strong and serious learning atmosphere. According to Cui Ruirong, deputy general manager of the organizer, although the production task is very busy now, the training work must not be relaxed. At present, the first phase of theoretical training is under way, and the secondary vocational qualification and talent evaluation and other high-level training will be carried out in stages and batches. On the basis of normalization, the training work must become a powerful driving force for learning skills, storing knowledge, standardizing everything, generating power for production and assisting development.

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