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Jingwei Company was listed in the first batch of class A enterprises with per mu benefit

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  The average benefit per mu witnessed the development quality. Recently, the official website of Ma'anshan municipal government publicized the evaluation results of the first batch of enterprises in the city, and Jingwei Company was listed as A-class enterprise.

  In order to promote the high-quality development of economy, establish the policy guidance of benefit priority, and earnestly achieve the goal of "discussing the hero by the yield per mu", Ma'anshan City issued the implementation measures for the per mu benefit evaluation of enterprises this year. According to the measures, the evaluation results are divided into four categories: a (priority development); B (upgrading development); C (regulation and assistance) and D (forced remediation). After comprehensive evaluation of the evaluation system, Jingwei Company has been ranked as A-class enterprise because of its good resource and environment benefits and high development quality.

  In addition, in accordance with the relevant supporting policies, the government will provide nine preferential treatment for class A enterprises, mainly including the priority of recommending and declaring provincial and above financial funds, giving priority to supporting the application of various project funds of municipal level supporting industrial development, giving priority to guarantee energy demand and new energy consumption index, giving priority to enterprise land index, giving priority to supporting policy financing guarantee, and giving priority to procurement Enterprise products and priority to participate in all kinds of selection and evaluation.

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