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Enrich training methods and forge excellent technicians

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  On the afternoon of March 30, the opening ceremony of the first batch of skills training of Jingwei Company in 2019 was held as scheduled in the teaching points of the company. The relevant leaders of the county social security bureau came to the scene and delivered a speech. The professional teachers of the training school and nearly 100 production front-line trainees from Jingwei Company attended the opening ceremony. After the ceremony, the first theoretical knowledge lecture was given.

  In order to let all students learn and master professional skills more comprehensively and systematically, and forge a comprehensive skilled talent team with high operation level and certain theoretical accomplishment, Jingwei Company adopted the "1 + 1" cooperative teaching mode of "company + school" in this training, and combined with the traditional way of "following teachers and apprentices" in the past, systematically carried out theory and Practice for the trainees Practice the "two pronged, integrated" comprehensive teaching and training, and strive to achieve the "1 + 1 > 2" school running effect. At the same time, the training will focus on key processes such as turning and heat treatment, focusing on the existing posts and key production links of product excellence, so as to enhance the quality and efficiency of key posts.

  What's different from the past is that the training is not limited to new employees, but open to all front-line personnel. As long as those who meet the requirements are included in the training object, through the participation of all the people, the training can meet the requirements of continuous expansion of production scale, continuous improvement of technical transformation, continuous innovation of product development and "heavyweight" customers At the same time, it also provides high-quality human resources guarantee for the realization of the company's long-term development goals.

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