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"Junma" shining in the world——Jingwei Company's construction of photovoltaic "Junma" power station has entered the Guinness world record

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  Recently, a photovoltaic "horse" power station in Kubuqi Desert, Dalat banner, Erdos City, Inner Mongolia, which was built by China energy construction group and provided by Jingwei Company exclusively, has passed the Guinness world record certification and become the largest photovoltaic panel graphic power station in the world. At the same time, the graphic power station has also been included in the special edition book of the 70th anniversary of the founding of new China by Guinness.

  "Junma" power station is one of the leading photovoltaic power generation application base projects in Dalat banner, with a construction scale of 200 MW. There are 709520 photovoltaic panels, covering an area of 5511303 square meters. The "Junma" graphic power station consists of 196320 photovoltaic panels, covering an area of 1398421 square meters, While harnessing the desert ecological environment, developing renewable energy such as photovoltaic power generation is an important part of building Kubuqi Desert economic pilot area of "Jinsha, blue sea and oasis" and a world-class desert governance and utilization model.

  Jingwei Company has played a very important role in the project. Firstly, it has taken charge of the production and supply of the "heart type" core device of the whole power station --- tracking the production and supply of rotary reducer, and excellently completed the task of delivering thousands of products; secondly, it has settled down on site, provided zero distance service, and used mature and thoughtful "technical solutions" to timely handle construction problems, so as to complete the installation, commissioning and installation of reducer Stable operation provides strong technical support and intimate guarantee, so as to ensure that the national power station is the first to successfully realize one-time full capacity grid connected power generation in the third batch of 10 photovoltaic power generation application leading bases in China on December 10, 2018. Today, on the once vast Inner Mongolia Plateau, the "flower of longitude and latitude" is blooming along with the "horse" in the vast desert, continuously delivering green energy. At the same time, it also draws a magnificent and proud scenery for Kubuqi Guangneng Desert Park, which was just started in May this year.

(source: Erdos News)

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